Saturday, October 18, 2008

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk
Early Start

Today I went on a small 6 mile walk around Dargate to Boughton and back. I incoperated a bit of Geocaching on this walk and completed 4 of 6 caches in the Scoobydoo series. I started my walk at 6.30 am and in October it's still dark at this time, I visited victoria wood (Not actually a Wood) to take a shot of the lights of seasalter.

I walked through Blean wood in the Twilight and waited for the Sun to Rise fully, so that the full colour of Autumn could be seen.

This time of year has got to be my favourite for taking photo's. The golden & reds along with the low sun, it's just perfect.

Views to Nash court at Farming world

Golden Brown

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Country walk Video

A small video of a walk i did with a friend (Macca), at a place called Painter's Forstal near Faversham in Kent. I normally post my video's on Youtube but macca asked that it did not appear there, so i have posted it here. I hope he does not mind (too much). Enjoy.

The walk was 7 mile long and took abot 3 hours to complete. The weather was sunny and hot, a bit to hot really and we both suffered from the heat.

The Route

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wye to Canterbury

Wye to Canterbury

Via Crundale

June 14th 2008. Today i set off to wye by bus for an 11 mile walk back to Canterbury. I caught the 7:10 am Bus and bought a trusty Explorer ticket (£5). I arrived at my starting point at 8:22 Excited an ready to go.

The weather was good, a mixture of blue sky and fluffy Clouds (Some Grey). The temp was low for the time of year 16'c , but ideal for walking.

This is how Footpaths should be kept, Nice clear and obvious.

I Had chance to do some Macro Photography.

A Lovely Field of wild Poppies, With Wye downs in the background

What a great name for a footpath "Wiberley Way"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wingham To Canterbury

Wingham to Canterbury Walk

Via Fordwich

Today was hot and sunny and i decided to do a evening walk from Wingham to canterbury. I chose the evening as i new it would be cooler, if i tried this walk during the middle of the day, i would have fried.

The fields were full of Rapeseed again, a lovely carpet of yellow and in the eveing sun glowed almost like gold.

The walk was fairly easy, not any real hills to climb and well sign posted, which is always a bonus.

I had to negotiate a small stream as i went through Ickham but stepping stones were provided.

I also past a wonderful dispay of Wisteria cling to the front of a house, Magic.

The evening sun also gave some wonderful effects in the wooded sections.
In all it was a really nice walk and did not tire me out to much, i will do this walk again in the future, hopefully with my wife Michelle.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Lyminge and Etchinghill

Lyminge And Etchinghill

My walk today was going to be a 10 mile round trip from Lyminge and back. I have been having a few problems with muscle cramps in my thighs recently (don't know why), and today the cramps decided to flare up and cut my walk short, I ended up only doing 7.14 miles and stopped at Echinghill to catch the bus home. Once again the weather was great, although a little cool at times. The walk took me over 4 hours to complete due to the many stops i had to make to ease the cramps. I might have stop my walking for a bit until i find out what is causing the Cramps.

Video clip of the walk

Sunday, February 10, 2008

BroadOak Walk

Tyler hill to Broadoak Walk

It's been a while since i have been out for a good walk and this weekend was just right,The weather was great, the sun was out and it felt mild for Febuary. So out came the boots and walking pole and i jumped on a bus to Tyler Hill to start my walk to Broadoak Village and Back on a circle route. This route was aprox 6.18 Miles in total and took me about 3 hours to complete with stops for photos and snacks. The video below is a small compilation on the scenery. Enjoy.