Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year Walk

First walk of the 2009

Today i went for my first walk of 2009. A circular 5 mile walk around Barham, the sun was out with frost on the ground and i am wrapped up well.

It has been a while since i have been out for a walk and the lack of execise and the excesses of Christmas made this walk a struggle at times, although only 5 miles, the hills felt hard and a few aches in my legs convinced me that i should get a lot fitter this year.

These pictures were taken with my new camera (Fuji J10), which i got for christmas. I love the winter sun light, which is low most of the day and creates long shadows and wondeful colours

All in all it was great to get out on a walk again, Will have to get fitter to do some long distance walks 15 -20 miles in the summer.