Saturday, October 18, 2008

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk
Early Start

Today I went on a small 6 mile walk around Dargate to Boughton and back. I incoperated a bit of Geocaching on this walk and completed 4 of 6 caches in the Scoobydoo series. I started my walk at 6.30 am and in October it's still dark at this time, I visited victoria wood (Not actually a Wood) to take a shot of the lights of seasalter.

I walked through Blean wood in the Twilight and waited for the Sun to Rise fully, so that the full colour of Autumn could be seen.

This time of year has got to be my favourite for taking photo's. The golden & reds along with the low sun, it's just perfect.

Views to Nash court at Farming world

Golden Brown